Reservations for Long Island Travelers


Both For Account Holders & New Clients


( If 1st time client, must call in CC 24-48 hrs prior to CC)

Reserve your Long Island car service to:

John F Kennedy Airport (JFK)

LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

MacArthur Airport (ISP)

Newark Airport (EWR)

Teterboro Airport (TEB)

New York City

New York Cruise Ship Terminals

Brooklyn Cruise Ship Terminals

Bayonne Piers


Utilize our Quick and easy form which can be a viewed on Iphone, Ipad and other tablets as well as your laptop.

If a corporate account, simply complete the name of the traveler(s) and pick up location(s). If the traveler is a current customer, then all their personal data is in our reservation system. Simply indicate their pickup as "home" or "office" or other. Complete all airline, cruise ship or other major points of interest, date of travel, # of travelers, type of vehicle. If you do not know your vehicle size, simply fill out as much info as possible and our reservationists will make sure you are properly "fit".



1-2 Full Sized + (2) Small Carry on 
1-2 Full Sized + (2) Small Carry on
1-2 Full Sized + (2) Small Carry on
6 Pass (3)
3 Full Sized + (1-3) Small Carry On
6 Pass (4)
4 Full Sized + (2-3) Small Carry on
8 Pass (5)
4 Full Sized + (up to 3) Small Carry on
8 Pass (6)
4 Full Sized + (up to 2) Small Carry on
10 Pass (4)
 5 Full Sized + (4) Carry on
10 Pass (4)
3-4 Full Sized + (1-2) Golf + 2-3 Lap Bags
10 Pass (5)
5 Full Sized + 2-3 Carry On
10 Pass (6)
5 Small to Mid Sized Duffels + 2-3 Lap Bags
Van (10)
10 Full Sized + up to 5 carry on-lap bags
SUV (4)
5 Full Sized + Carry On
 Shuttle Buses, SUV's, etc,. Please call.






If user does not receive confirmation emails with reservation numbers within 24 hours after submittal, please contact our office at 631.366.6399