Long Island Airport Car Service


Looking for an affordable transportation for your trip to and from Long Island? We offer competitive rates to and from JFK, LGA and Newark and also offer the opportunity to save $10 off your trip to a New York Airport or other New York Destinations by referring other travelers.


When you book a Long Island Airport Car Service with our company, via phone call or thru our online reservation, you will receive the first of a couple of confirmations via email. The first email will be a simple snap shot of the reservation and the last confirmation, within 24-48 hours of your travel, will be a pdf version of your ground transportation to assure you we will be coming.

Our secure reservation system will have all of your personal information stored in a client profile. Your email, cell phone, home address, cc info, preferred method of payment, client preferences, etc. will be on file with our company.  The Chauffeur will have all your pertinent information on hand with a trip sheet and will have advanced knowledge of your reservation, including pickup location preference and flight information.  Curbside Pickup can be pre-arranged for a designated location pickup as well as our Park, Meet and Greet Service, which is available for an extra fee.

Reservation can be created on our desktop or mobile version of Roadmaster Limousine Service as well as our google app. All of our websites and apps are designed and built in-house. Any improvement suggestions are welcome.

The Following App will produce instant Long Island Airport Car Service and point to point service in the New York Area.



UPDATED : 08.19.2017

After submittal, if you do not receive an email confirmation with a reservation number(s) within 24 hours, please contact our office at 631.366.6399


This application soley for the purpose of providing potential clients / visitors with Airport and Point to Point Transfers - all inclusive pricing. NO Credit Card information is requested nor is it required on the APP. We NEVER request CC information thru our Limousines Websites. ALL potential future reservations are conducted over the phone or email. The application requires home address and destination in order to create a reservation within a secure office environment. All personal information, address, email and Cell numbers ( NO Credit card info) are entered into the application only if client prefers to do so. All information is stored in secure location and all the visitor's information is turned into an email which enters our secured network. We those create a reservation within our PCI secured reservation system on our Computers in a secured office environment.

This application requires a Client's Pickup Location ( NON detailed address) or "Point of Interest" in order to provide an instant quote. We NEVER distribute 3rd Party groups any client emails that may be obtained thru this application. It would NOT be in our best interest to supply visitor information to other parties as we are in the business of trying to gain a future reservation; not to have our competitors or other parties garner this information to compete aginst us thru our own application. We do NOT sell any visitor or current client information. See our Main website at and


Long Island I-Limo                         


Quick Rate and reserve App for Long Island Airport Car and Limousine Service. Find instant rates for Long Island Limo, Airport Car Service serving JFK, LGA, Newark and Islip Airports as well as other New York Regional airports. Rates include New York Cruise, Brooklyn and Bayone Cruise Ship Piers and major NYC Destinations. Find your rate and then reserve. Rates will include Taxes, Gratuity, Fuel Surcharge, applicable tolls and stop costs.


For Transfers to & from Long Island ONLY. 

(Nassau and Suffolk County)


Long Island Car and Limousine service App will give you instant rates from/to Long Island. Provide your information and users will receive :

Long Island Locales to John F. Kennedy Airport(JFK)

Long Island Locales to LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

Long Island Locales to Newark Airport (EWR)

Long Island Locales to NYC or Manhattan Cruise Ship Terminals (NYC Piers)

Long Island Locales to Brooklyn Cruise Ship Terminal(same as NYC)

Long Island Locales to Bayonne Piers (same as Newark)

  This App will allow the visitor to view major Airport & Point to Point destinations within New York & New Jersey. All trips shall start or end in the Long Island Area or Nassau / Suffolk Counties. This Long Island Transportation App will also provide fairly accurate pricing based on the locales to Destination or vice versa.


Departure and Arrival Rate Tabs-
1. Visitor will be able to find and choose any Long Island town.
2. Visitor will choose major point of interest such as JFK Aiport, LGA Airport, Islip Airport, Newark Airport, NYC and more.
3. Visitor will be able to choose vehicle type based on the number of travelers in your group as well as the amount of luggage you may have. Adjustments may be required.
4. A preliminary price will be shown.
5. Visitors then can choose early or late fees based on the destination, arrival or pick up times.
6. Stops can be included but MUST be in between the pickup location and the destination. Stops can vary - depending on original pickup location and where those stops are - between and to the destination. The stops calculated below may require adjustment to a slight higher rate. and may not reflect an absolute, accurate price. Call office.
7. A final, but fairly accurate price will be shown.
8. Visitor will indicate Bookings can be made on the Reservation Tab. Current or New Customers can provide all required information. Confirmations to our clients via our reservation system will produce an "active" or "live" reservation including a reservation number.

Visitors MUST always choose FURTHEST pick up location from their destination. Stop locations shall be en-route to the final destination. For secondary stops that are PAST the final destination, a "custom" quote will be REQUIRED.

NOTE: Wedding Pick -Drop, Funerals, Wine Tours are EXCLUDED from this Instant Rate Tool.